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Extra-Fast Cooling Pressure Sintering Furnace Customized

Extra-Fast Cooling Pressure Sintering Furnace Customized

A special 2MPa pressure furnace with 2hrs extra-fast cooling function has been developed to meet with heat treatment requirement of cemented carbide.
Suitable for production of gradient cemented carbide.
Especially suitable for sintering CNC inserts, and heat treatment for mining carbide tools. It can reduce the volatilization of cobalt and create about 50μm  non-β phase layer on the surface of cemented carbide inserts, to achieve good toughness and high bonding strength with the coating, which can greatly improve the anti collapse toughness and cutting life of the coated inserts.

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The extra-fast cooling for  function is added on the basis of sinter HIP furnace.
Cooling from 1400℃ to 100℃ in less than 2h under full charge.
Shorter cooling time, higher productivity.

Precise Measurement & Control
Dual-operating system with automatic control and friendly computer interface. Adopt high-precision measurement technology to ensure pressure, temperature, flow and other parameters under precise control. Comprehensive data backup function. Support remote control, remote diagnosis and system maintenance.

High Quality Cylinder Material
Ultra-long service life hard carbon felt insulation chamber with CFC inner liner. Treated in temperature above 2000℃, with high strength and good insulation performance. The resistance detection system can detect failure of the heating system timely and avoid damage to the furnace shell and insulation chamber.

Technical Parameters