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Fanekena mialoha ny fatana DMF

Fotoana: 2021-05-27 Hits: 4

Tsy azo atao ny mivoaka any ivelany ny ekipan'ny DMF mandritra ny vaomiera COVID-19.

One of DMF Taiwan customer carries out the pre-acceptance in DMF from Sep 6 to Sep 20 after a 14 days routine quarantine in Xiamen ahead of time. And he will also take another 14 days routine quarantine in Taiwan.

The pre-acceptance procedure takes 2 weeks and everything goes its way.

Team DMF invites him to enjoy the weekend in Changsha by visiting the Hunan University, Yuelu Academy, Aiwan Pavilion and climbing the Yuelu Mountain, etc.

It's the most special and loving pre-acceptance story in DMF.