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Milina fampifangaroana Coulter (Vovoka W+C)
Milina fampifangaroana Coulter (Vovoka W+C)

Milina fampifangaroana Coulter (Vovoka W+C)

The relative density of Tungsten and Carbon powder is significantly different, and thus it is very difficult to mix powders evenly.
This equipment is the most advanced model for crushing of Tungsten powder & fully mixture with Carbon powder.

Mifandraisa aminay

Minimum Maintenance
No bearing on the lower end of spindle, thus less failure rate.

High Effectiveness
The strong plow knife loosens Tungsten powder in high efficiency. The special design of mixer and mixing tank ensure full mixture and smooth discharge of powders.

Fanadiovana mora
Every surface contacting with powder has received special treatment, no any dead space. The discharging butterfly valve is designed with eccentric structure and is easy to clean. The exit is installed with dust filtration system.

Fitaovana manokana
The plow knife’s drive structure is designed with double-sealing, which prevents Tungsten powder from wearing the structural part, therefore lengthens the life span. The plow knife is applied with a special wear-resisting coating.


● Temperature Control
There is a water jacket on the mixing chamber, and the temperature of powder could be controlled during mixing.
● Automatic Weighing
The machine is equipped with weighing system that auto-matically measures the weight of powders.
● N2 Protection
This machine is protected with N2 to prevent product from oxidizing at high temperature.

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