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Rotary Calcination Furnace (H0.5WO3 & WO2.72/W18O49)

Rotary Calcination Furnace (H0.5WO3 & WO2.72/W18O49)

Calcine Ammonium Tungstate and Ammonium Molybdate powders to Tungsten Oxide and Molybdenum Oxide powders respectively.

Mifandraisa aminay

DMF Rotary Furnace

Fitsipika kaody
Diameter of Tube 90mm, 120mm, 200mm,
Rotary Calcination Furnac

Technical masontsivana

modelyΦ120 × 2770Φ300 × 5800Φ390 × 7935
Max. temp ()900900900
Miasa temp ()850850850
Power (KW)207096
miodina hafainganam-pandeha (RPM) 0.5-80.5-80.5-8
Jery ​​mitongilana of vatana3-53-53-5
Number of temp faritra234 , 5
Fanaraha-maso fametrahana mazava tsara ()± 3± 3± 3
fahafahana (T/24H)
NH3 mpitroka-Φ1000 × 1500-
Weight (Ton)~3~ 6~ 9
L × W × H (M)33 × × 7 1571 × × 16 2492 × × 18 23
Process GasH2, N2H2, N2H2, N2


The move-asleep sealing joint is made of graphite ring with spherical surface, with good sealing performance.

The heating elements hanged on three sides of the hearth ensure temperature uniformity.

The refractory lining is made up of fiber blankets with good heat isolation performance.

Atmosphere: H2, N2 or Air. Pressure can be auto-controlled within ±10KPa.

Continuous Loaded by a dosing screw feeder, automatically continuous unload using an air-lock rotary valve.

The rotating speed of the drum and the screw feeder can be stepless-changed.