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Lafaoro fanodinana Rotary (H0.5WO3 & WO2.72/W18O49)

Lafaoro fanodinana Rotary (H0.5WO3 & WO2.72/W18O49)

Calcine Ammonium Tungstate sy Ammonium Molybdate vovoka mankany Tungstène Oxide sy Molybdène Oxide vovoka tsirairay avy.

Mifandraisa aminay

● The move-asleep sealing joint is made of graphite ring with spherical surface, with good sealing performance.

● The heating elements hanged on three sides of the hearth ensure temperature uniformity.

● The refractory lining is made up of fiber blankets with good heat isolation performance.  

● Atmosphere: H2, N2 or Air. Pressure can be auto-controlled within ±10KPa.

● Continuous Loaded by a dosing screw feeder, automatically continuous unload using an air-lock rotary valve.

● The rotating speed of the drum and the screw feeder can be stepless-changed.

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